Maria Mercurial

Synth Star


Maria Mercurial is one of the most popular music stars on the scenes in the 2050’s. With her own custom ‘ware, she plugs into a synthlink and lets her movements create the music. Currently the wife of Armando Hernandez, things weren’t always looking up for Maria.

Years ago, she was the personal secretary, bodyguard, and mistress to Reynaldo Texamachach, a senior exec with Aztechnology. To assist him, he had Maria implanted with custom cyberware; jacked up reflexes, cyberlimbs, a custom datajack, and headware memory unit.

Turns out that custom ware, mixed with a BTL addiction wasn’t conducive to a working relationship, and Maria snapped one day. Killing her employer, she bolted.

She was found on the streets of Aztlan, working in a brothel, unaware of who she was, or who she had been. Hernandez, having just heard her songs, knew she needed to be free of that life, and she needed to perform. He freed her from that life, and started her music career.

Then, with a little tampering from the Yakuza, Maria discovered “evidence” that Hernandez was dealing in BTLs, and she left him. Her contract was almost up, so she joined up with Max Foley, another big name is music production, amIright? During the final days of her contract, word was spread discreetly that Foley was seeking protection, because Hernandez had issued some death threats.

Always in need of work, our Runners took the job and kept her as safe as they thought necessary, but that wasn’t so easy when someone on the inside was sabotaging their efforts. Someone was leaking plans and locations, making it easy for the Shigeda syndicate to locate them. It was as the Runners were fighting off an attack by Sumiko Hotoda and the Yakuza, that a dragon showed up.

The only dragon casualty was Max Foley, but the group decided to try to get to the bottom of things before the dragon came back. That was when they learned that the dragon, Perianwyr, was part of an assassin team led by Kyle Morgan


Maria Mercurial

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