Welcome to the Shadows

The streets are dark, rain continues to come at you sideways as you step out of the cover of nearby buildings and megaplexes. AROs, or Augmented Reality Objects, compete in more colors than you thought were possible to direct your attention to the NERPS, or New Exciting Retail ProductS. NERPS to help you sleep! NERPS for clearer skin! NERPS to calm your nerves!

Ignoring the AROs, you check to make sure your Predator is clear to be drawn as you step into the alley. Colors shift, and the image brightens as your cybereyes compensate for the lack of lighting in the alley. You take note of two thugs ahead, perhaps thinking that you are just as blind in the dark as they are while they wait in ambush. They picked the wrong target tonight. One of them twitches as you get closer, and you activate your wires.

The world slows as your Wired Reflexes kick in, and by the time the thugs have left their hiding place to accost you, you already have your Predator out of it’s holster and aimed at the lead thug’s head.

What happens next depends on what you decide, and what the dice agree with. Dice? Yes, dice.

Welcome to Shadowrun. This page is for the campaign I am currently running, which I dub ShadowAg for convenience. Whether you are one of my players, or a guest, please feel free to step in and have a look around.

This site is still under construction. Please excuse our dust, and the blood.